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Scraper - Plows

Michigan Scraper
Model TMS 201

The Model TMS 201 Trailing Moldboard Scraper is a severe-duty scraper designed for Michigan seasonal road grading and restoration, incorporating features not found on other units. Excellent for winter maintenance of paved county and state roads. Built to outperform.


The Model VMS 206 Vertical Moldboard Scraper is specifically designed for removing hard packed snow and ice on state and interstate highway systems. Designed for use with carbide inserted blades, this unit is capable of operating at higher speeds.

VMS206 -scraper.png

Michigan Scraper
Model VMS 206

Michigan Scraper
Model TMS 189

The Model TMS 189 Scraper is a market leader heavy-duty scraper, engineered for general purpose gravel road maintenance and snow removal. Progressive design concepts combined with durable construction result in lower cost of ownership.

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